How to Download Apps From Other Countries That is not available in your country in Android Device

Have you ever wanted to download other country apps that is not available in your country? Yes! i also sometimes would like to download other countries apps such as Hulu , Disney+ , HOOQ and many other cool apps that is not available in my country

For this blog , it will cover about how to download apps from other country by using android device , it includes android tv , android phone , android tablet and other android device

1. Download The APK

The first easiest way that android device can do to download other country apps is by downloading the apk from apk provider website such as apk pure and apk mirror. You can go the their website and look for the application that you are looking for

Or if you want it to be even easier , you can go to your search engine , then type “Download Hulu APK” For instance. Then you can directly clicked the download the apk of your choice. Once you have downloaded it , you have to installed it to your device (But before that you have to allow apps installation from unknown source if you have not allowed it). Then finally you can enjoy the apps

APK Mirror website to download APK for Android

2. Download From Playstore

The next way is by downloading the apps directly from playstore. But if using google playstore , you cannot use your current account because it is based on your country , so thats why the apps is not available in your account.

If in this situation , I recommend you to create a new playstore account of your chosen country (Such as : US playstore to download Hulu/Disney+). But you have to open up VPN and set it as the chosen country. After that you register a new email and just register as usual. Then you can download the apps you want.

The reasons why i dont recommend to use your current account is because if you use it , you have to change the payment method and there is even other restriction and limitation if you change it (such as cannot change the payment method in some times). You can change the region of your current playstore if you are moving to that particular country

Moreover , you can try to clear data of your playstore while set the VPN at the particular country (But i cannot ensure that this way is still working or not, since i used it once last year but there are a lot of updates made by google)

Therefore as for using android device , it is more recommended to download the APK because it is easier than registering a new account from scratch.

Note : This ways is based on my own personal experience and is just used for sharing purpose. Therefore i want to apologize if there is some unneeded steps (if any) or if there is any other easier ways that i did not mention in this Blog. Anyway thanks for your visits and hope you find the solutions you are looking for

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