Should I Used Netflix or Iflix ?

Netflix or Iflix ? This two movies streaming apps are currently one of the most well-known streaming apps in Malaysia. However , there are still few people that is wondering what is the different between those two streaming apps. Since both of it is used to watch movies only

Therefore in this blog , ChillDulu will explain a bit of the difference between Netflix vs Iflix according to our own genuine experience of using it for few months.

Pricing Netflix vs Iflix

In the pricing , it is very obvious that netflix has the more expensive price as to compared with iflix. Even it is can be said that Netflix is the most expensive movie streaming apps in Malaysia which has few plans for its users from Basic (1 Device at same time ), standard (2 Devices at same time ) and Premium account (4 Devices at same time). Which is cost RM 33 , RM 42 and RM 51. As addition Netflix also came up with mobile only plan for M17/ Month. While as to compared , Iflix pricing is only RM 10 / month for 2 devices at same time

Content Netflix or Iflix ?

As for content comparison , It is all back to customer preference. For Iflix it offers more Local or Asian movies to its users. Iflix also give a live TV with a very limited content. For the original series of Iflix , it is not as much as Netflix. For the content in Netflix , it gives more US or Hollywood content. It doesnt provide any live TV , but the original series are very much. The movies offering is also very wide in scope. It has anime , drama , kids cartoon , movies from all genres and many more.

For me personally i would go for Netflix since the movies offered is very much and most of the movies is the recent series one. While for Iflix , i would watch it only when there are some movies that is not available in Netflix.

Interface Netflix or Iflix ?

Again for the interface and features , it is back to own personal preference. For my own experience and genuine review , i would prefer the user interface while using Netflix. Its maybe because of the pricing difference that give the quite difference impression for both interface. Netflix Interface and features is more user friendly for myself. It even have the Kids mode for the children to watch (Own Profile). While Iflix also do have children mode but in the same profile. Netflix also let you to make your own profile so that you and your friends or family will have your and their own watching history.

Conclusion – Netflix or IFLIX?

As to conclude and summarized , Netflix has more content and better users experience. While Iflix is better for you if you want to watch more Asians movies and series such as : Indonesia , Malaysia , India , China , and etc. It also do have some hollywood movies on it. And as for the pricing Iflix offers the cheaper price as to compared with netflix

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