Why You Have to Join ChillDulu Reseller Team ?

Are you a student? Employee? A Housewife? A Just Graduated Student? and you also don’t know what to do or want to make more side money for you or even your family?

If yes then ChillDulu is the best choice for you to start making your own money. By becoming chilldulu’s reseller you will be given the special price for reseller. Not only that , we also offers our reseller with various type of digital product and services for you to re sell it (Or even dropshipped it)

How much you can earn per month?

For this one is a very subjective question and in selling there is up and down as we all know. But some of the resellers can sells like at least 3 Accounts until 20 Accounts per day. Some even have their own reseller team so that they can sell more in quantity

Lets make some calculation , For one netflix for reseller price it is starting from RM6 – RM9 / one personal account. Lets say you can sell like 3 Account for sharing account for RM10 each. It means you can sell like RM150 / days with profit of RM125/Day. By selling product from ChillDulu , you can buy cheap and sell it like twice , thrice or even 4 times of the selling price. Since the price you offered are cheaper a lot from the website price. Customer can saved up to more than 80% and you can also get more profit from it

As addition , there are also others product that you can sell to your customer to get even more sales. You can sell other movies , music , learning streaming apps from us. From spotify , JOOX , Viu, Iflix , Student Gmail , Tidal , Hulu , HBO Now , Vpn , Scribd , Skillshare and many more. Aside from products , you can also sells our services without needing any of skills. We provide photo editing , Instagram manager , Likes , Followers , Views and many more. The only things you need is to sell it to your customers

NB : the product and services sell also included with warranty , so you can make more trust towards your customer

So… , How can i join The Reseller Team ?

For joining becoming our reseller , you are required to make an initial purchase of RM 45.

Wah , what is this RM45 for…?

This initial purchase we ask from you is not any registration payment. It is just an initial commitment to prove that you are really interested into becoming our resellers. Anyways this payment , we also not take it for free , By this RM 45 you will be given 5 Netflix accounts that you can take it whenever you wanted it. Other than that , you willl be able to get the reseller pricing and even guide from our admin on how to selling it and procedure and everything about the warranty and the product

Wah , I’m so interested to becoming Chill Dulu Reseller team, So where to contact ya?

For more info can just whatsapp us to +601156891465 or our instagram Chilldulu_ or you can refer to this link

NB : If you dont start now , then when will you start? Dont think too much or else you will never join our team

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