What is the Difference Between Netflix Personal and Sharing Account

Netflix is one of the movie streaming apps that is currently are very popular and offered a lot variety of movies shows from every genre and country. Netflix also offers a lot of original series that some come with new innovation and features to give its users new movies experience

In Malaysia , Netflix offers 4 plans for its users. One of Netflix plan is the Netflix Premium Account which costs RM51/Month. This premium account is the most expensive Netflix plan that offers its users the best video quality which is UHD 4k and also it allows you to make up to 5 users with 4 devices at same time. By sellers , usually it is called Netflix premium personal account if you are using and have the account all for yourself.

Netflix Sharing Account

As for sharing account , a lot of sellers utilized the premium account that can make up to 5 Users to sell it to the others 5 users. Because instead of buying the basic plan that is RM33/ month and only can watch HD quality , a lot of seller use this opportunities to sell the 5 slots on personal account to others to give the buyers a more cheaper yet with better quality option

But what is the disadvantage of sharing account?

Aside from the price and quality , the only disadvantage of sharing account is the account ownership. Instead of having the account all for yourself , you will share the account with the other 4 users. But don’t worry because each user will have their own users profile , so that you still have your own watching history

Should I used sharing or personal one then?

For this question is quite subjective , since it should refer to your own needs and preference. For personal account ,it is better for you if you want to share the account with your friends or family. While sharing is better for you if you used the account all yourself.

The other thing to be considered is the account ownership , if you prefer account that is more private and personal , you can used personal account since the whole account is all yours (You can also change the passwords as well). While sharing account , since it is a shared account , you cannot change the password , but yet you still have your own user profile. The rest , like features , quality , movies offering and many more is all the same

Current Movie Offered on Netflix

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