Best Platform to Sell Your Digital Product

Have you ever confused on how to sell your digital product online? If yes do not worry , in this blog we are gonna share some of the platform that you can use to sell your digital product based on our own experience

1. Instagram

Instagram must be a very familiar social media you know. Who do not know instagram , almost every Malaysian know what instagram is. Instagram is our very first recommended place for you to sell your digital product.

Mostly all of our (ChillDulu’s Csutomer and reseller) is coming from Instagram. Even though instagram is a social media platform and not an online platform for selling . But its still can bring a lot of potential customer by using the right strategy (Organic or Paid). By giving the right hastag to your post and following the targeted customers. It can lead to sales of your digital product. The only thing you need is an attractive photo and also consistancy and patience.

2 Carousell

Maybe few of you do not familiar with this selling platform. But it is the second platform where i get most of my customers and resellers from. It is also very easy to use and very handy especially for us to sell our digital product.

Since it does not need any checking by carousell itself. However the transaction made by seller and buyer is not using the third party payment system instead its using the deal by seller and buyers. Since carousell is used to sell your second hand product. But actually all of your product (digital or physical) also can be sell through carousell. The key of carousell is consitency to post your items and also reputation to make trust for the customer.

3. Facebook

Facebook is another social media platform that you can use to sell your digital product items. Usually the customer will type the keyword or items they are looking for to find the product they want to know more detail about.

The only things you need is to make a facebook fanpage and can post the product you sell by using the right keywords. You can also add some hastags as well to make your product even easier to be found by the potential customers. Other than that , you can also join some other group that is related to product you are selling and can soft selling your product

4. Twitter

Maybe nowadays lesser people are using twitter. Instead more are using instagram and facebook. However , do not ever look down of twitter. Since it might be a very good platform for you to sell your digital product. The things you need to do is you have to post a good caption and use of right hastag and keywords.

5. Telegram

The other platform you can use is telegram. You can use a name that is related to your product and make it into a channel. By using the right name , people will be able to find your product and aware of your brand or name.

Other than that , you can also try join some other channel and try promoting your own channel or product there. I have tried it and also got few sales from it. It really worth a try

6. Shopee

This platform must be a very familiar marketplace platform for you. Even though this is one of the largest marketplace in Malaysia. But , for us that selling digital product, it kind of hard to sell our digital product. Since the regulation of it is the product has to be tangible.

However even me myself try selling my digital product and able to sell there. Even though sometimes my product list is deleted by shopee. Other than that you can also set the shipping fee become free , so that customer just need to pay for the product price. Since it is a digital product , so no shipping fees are needed.

The strategy for selling on Shopee is you should have a cheaper price than competitors and can slowly make the reputation first. And also do not forget to boost your product also(Free Every 4 hours). So that your product will be seen by more potential customers. The more detail the caption , the more trust the customer will have towards your product.


So here are some of the best platform for selling digital product based on my own experience. There might be others platform that has the potential to sell your product. There are lazada since there is also a lot of sellers sell their digital product there. There are online forums like lowyat forums and many other platform. Even whatsapp can be a very good use to you by selling to yours friends or can try post a whatsapp sotory.

The more platform you use , the more you can make. Therefore it is worth to give a try to sell on every platform possible but it is better to have more focus on one or two platforms that gives the most sales to you

And for you that want to try sell your own digital product can try become our reseller since we offers a lot of various digital product with of course reseller price and we also give the guarantee for the product we sell and also we are very fast response to your inquiries and for you who are new also can get more guide from our kind and experienced customer services. For reseller info can just click this link

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